A life hack is the greatest thing since sliced bread. By tweaking our lives in even the smallest of ways with these little tips and tricks, we can make everyday tasks and activities both faster and easier. And if there’s one place we can truly appreciate fast and easy, it’s in the kitchen. That’s why we created a list of 21 kitchen hacks that will change your life forever!

Okaymaybe they won’t change your life THAT much, but they will certainly improve the way you cook and prep. Here they are:

21 of our favorite kitchen hacks

  1. Evenly distribute butter: Instead of cutting off a chunk of butter from a stick out of the fridge, grate the stick on a cheese grater to create uniform pieces to use in a recipe.
  2. Eliminate excess air in zip-lock bags: When closing zip-lock bags, close them just enough so that there’s room to stick a straw in and suck the excess air out. This will prevent oxidation that can negatively affect food flavor and freshness.
  3. Make the most of your vegetable peeler: You can use your vegetable peeler for a variety of tasks: make convenient ingredient shavings from butter, chocolate and cheese; create strips from carrots, beets or sweet potatoes for veggie chips; even get the perfect lemon and lime twists for cocktails.
  4. Make your own “cubsta” coffee: If you’re an iced coffee fan, pour freshly brewed coffee in an ice tray and let it freeze into coffee cubes. That way, you can enjoy delicious iced coffee that won’t get watered down.
  5. Never waste leftovers: If you have leftover food but not enough for a full meal, mix the leftovers into a tasty breakfast omelette. Almost everything goes good in an omelette.
  6. Easily peel garlic: Before peeling garlic, use a flat surface (such as a large knife) to crush it. You can do this by positioning your knife on top of the clove, holding the handle tightly with one hand. Use your other hand to push down firmly until you hear a crunch.
  7. Don’t waste fresh herbs: Instead, freeze them in an ice tray with olive oil to create a variety of fresh herb mixtures you can heat up and add to meals later on.
  8. Separate egg whites and yolk: Crack an egg in a bowl and use a water bottle to suck out the yolk. Simply put the bottle near the yolk, squeeze gently, and release. The yolk should suck right into the bottle.
  9. Get your pasta sauce to stick: Skip the step of rinsing noodles when they’re done cooking. When you rinse noodles, you rinse away the natural flavor and starch that helps sauces stick.
  10. Multi-task your pizza cutter: Roll your pizza wheel over herbs like basil and cilantro for safe and easy slicing. You can also use it to slice cheese cubes, make mini sandwiches, and so on.
  11. Keep your cooking space clean: If a trash can isn’t readily accessible, use a large bowl on your counter top as a temporary one. Toss in scraps and other garbage while you cook to keep the area nice and tidy. That way, you can dump everything into the trash at once when you’re finished.
  12. Make your own breadcrumbs: Have extra hot dog or burger buns? Freeze them, and then toss them into a food processor to make breadcrumbs for your next recipe.
  13. Achieve an easy lemon squeeze: Put lemons in the microwave for ten seconds to promote faster juice flow when squeezing.
  14. Freeze wine for flavor: Freeze leftover wine in ice cube trays to add flavor to sauces and stews later on.
  15. Store natural peanut butter the right way: To avoid a layer of oil on top of your natural nut butter, close the lid tightly and store upside down.
  16. Scoop frozen solid ice cream: There’s nothing worse than ice cream that’s frozen rock solid. Instead of waiting it out, run your ice cream scooper under hot water to make scooping easier.
  17. Remove strawberry stems: You can stick a straw through the bottom point of a strawberry and out the top to remove the stem.
  18. Prevent water from boiling over: Lay a wooden spoon across your pot to make sure boiling, bubbly water doesn’t spill over.
  19. Peel ginger safely: Instead of using a traditional peeler, you can use a spoon to gently peel ginger without removing half of the root or slicing your fingers open.
  20. Get picture-perfect avocado pieces: Rather than scooping an avocado out of the shell before you slice it, dice it right in the shell and scoop it out afterwards. You’ll get nicer looking pieces.
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