There are plenty of dairy products out there, but one that trumps all: cheese! Not only is cheese delicious, it’s good for your health as well. As cheese lovers, we’re here to justify anyone’s obsession. And for those of you who aren’t cheese fans, we ask that you reconsider. Here are 5 characteristics of cheese that prove it’s the greatest food of all time:


There are too many types of cheeses to count, meaning you never have to worry about getting bored. From cheddar, mozzarella and provolone to feta, goat and brie, there’s a cheese out there for every mood and craving.


Could you imagine a world without pizza, nachos or macaroni and cheese? We didn’t think so. Cheese is a staple ingredient in many of our favorite dishes and plays a huge role in different cuisines.


For a crowd-pleasing appetizer at any kind of event, cheese is a go-to. It’s the perfect thing to serve with wine and easy to eat without making a mess.


From sandwiches and salads to pastas and burgers, there’s one simple ingredient that steps them up from good to great. You guessed it—cheese enhances meals to make them that much tastier.


In addition to acting as an enhancement to other foods, cheese is just fine on its own. Whether you’re eating slices right from the fridge or cutting chunks off of a block, cheese is just as good without anything else as it is with it.

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