Aside from the delicious food that never runs out, the best part about Thanksgiving is coming together with the people you love. But just like the range of food on the table, there’s usually a range of personalities sitting around it. Here are some of our favorite Thanksgiving dishes to represent your most unique family members:

Green Bean Casserole: The annoying aunt

This is the aunt you love to complain about. She makes the same bitter remarks at every family event and is almost always a sloppy mess by the end of dinner. An encounter with this aunt leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth, but your family continues to have her over each year anyway. It’s simply tradition.

Sausage and Cranberry Stuffing: The cool cousin

This cousin is extremely cool, even though you don’t want to admit it. He’s intelligent, worldly, and a little pretentious, with tons of personality flavors. His stories make him the center of attention every year, but you somehow always end up getting more than you asked for.

Whipped Mashed Potatoes: Grandma

There’s no other family member who can leave you feeling as warm and fuzzy on the inside as Grandma can. Even if all else fails on Thanksgiving—you hate what’s on the menu, someone forgets dessert, or a family feud breaks outyou can always count on Grandma to be there for you.

Turkey: Grandpa

It’s no secret that Grandpa can be a little boring. He’s dry in his commentary and doesn’t have much to say, but what would Thanksgiving be without him? He’s the head of the table and the glue that holds everyone and everything together. Grandpa is unapologetically himself and you’ve learned to appreciate him for that.

Pumpkin Pie: Mom

Mom is a family favorite. She’s sweet, welcoming, and represents everything that Thanksgiving stands for. Even when you think you’ve had enough to eat, she’ll force you to eat just a little bit more. Her ultimate goal is to make sure everyone leaves feeling happy and satisfied. Thanks to her, they always do.

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