If you’re looking to delight your friends with some delicious food, then you’ve come to the right place for catering a special event. In addition to being a specialty market, we also offer catering you can take advantage of regardless of the size of your party. Joseph’s Classic Market offers superb catering for a great price. The catering that we offer at Joseph’s Classic Market is just for you and your special event. We will work with you to figure out what you require for your occasion. We’ll strategize to figure out what to go over for your event as well as ensure that you feel comfortable knowing what will be going on as you host the party. We want you to be confident that we’re taking care of all of the catering for you, which is why we’ll work with you to strategize an individualized plan.

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When you pick out one of our catering packages for a special event, there won’t be a lengthy preparation process or a mess afterward to clean up. We’ll handle all of the little details. You just have to pick the package that you want. Whether you’ve having a few friends over or a houseful of people for a large event, we’re able to accommodate your party. From intimate gatherings to huge parties, our catering packages will have you covered. We offer a couple of different packages.

We have The Classic Buffet, The Classic Deluxe Buffet, and The Classic Cold Buffet. Each catering package will offer your event something different. For example, The Classic Buffet is priced at $15.95 per person and has an array of eggplant dishes, pastas, and entrees that will leave your guests cleaning their plates. The Classic Deluxe Buffet is offered at $18.95 per person and includes similar dishes as The Classic Buffet, but this one offers more entrees as well as vegetables to offer a full rounded meal. Lastly, The Classic Cold Buffet is priced at $10.95 per person with cheeses and meats that are offered on trays and served cold. This option has a minimum of 20 people. Regardless of the type of party you are hosting, it’s important that you’re proud of the food you serve and when you choose Joseph’s Classic Market for your needs, you’ll get a meal that’s delicious and nutritious.

By picking our catering packages, you’ll be serving your guests specialty market items without having to deal with prices that are out of this world. Joseph’s Classic Market will have you covered from serving deli sandwiches to full course meals that are inspired by Italian favorites. We’ll provide everything from the salads and appetizers to the entrees and the desserts. When you decide on our catering packages, we’ll take care of the rest of what you want for your guests. Instead of having to worry about cooking and cleaning, take the time to enjoy your event as much as your guests will. Once you’ve decided on what you want from our menu below, take the time to call us or fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Mange bene!

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