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Our favorite part about cooking is the freedom to create! Whether it’s adding a twist to an old dish or starting from scratch, there are no rules when it comes to making new recipes.

Join Joe Jr. in the kitchen and fire up your grills, as we bring Oysters to another level! We start with Savage Blonde Oysters from Prince Edward Island! Then incorparating Calabrian Chili’s into a compound butter, See the receipe below, try them for yourself, and let us know what you think!

Yeild- 12 Oysters ⁠

8 oz- Butter⁠

1 Tbsp- Calabrian Chilli’s⁠

1 Tbsp- Lime Zest⁠

1 Tbsp- Lime Juice ⁠

1 Clove- Minced Garlic ⁠

We hope you all find this recipe useful but more importantly, have some fun while making it! Nothing makes us happier than sharing the love of food, send us photos of your final creation!

From our kitchen to yours, enjoy!

Josephs Classic Market

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